CCDOGE is here!
You Only Live Once!

CCDOGE is an open-sourced blockchain project initiated by core developers of the original Dogecoin community. It is dedicated to inheriting the spirit of YOLO (You Only Live Once), and bringing Dogecoin to DeFi. In its early stages, CCDOGE is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and will gradually expand to other public chains such as Ethereum and Solana, providing users with a one-stop, comprehensive mining experience.

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What a nice day!

Stake tokens earn CCDOGE

First 3A token

CCDOGE is a representative of the third-generation meme tokens. A 10% fee of each transaction (transfer, buy/sell) will be charged. The fees will be distributed according to following ratios.

  • Auto-Farming

    Holders of CCDOGE will automatically receive earnings, and 2.5% of each transaction fee will be distributed to holders.

  • Auto-Market-Maker

    5% of the transaction fee will be automatically added to liquidity, which can effectively increase the depth of the pool and reduce volatility.

  • Auto-Deflation

    CCDOGE is a continuously deflated token. 2.5% of every transaction fee will be automatically destroyed. Destruction will stop when it reaches 50% of the total.

Locked Mining


Yields up to 500%+

Holding CCDOGE-Rewards X5

Principal and interest can also be earned by holding CCDOGE, up to 5 times of the normal

Price Rising+

Everyone holding CCDOGE can enjoy the benefits of price Rising.

CCDOGE VS. Other Meme Tokens






Shiba inu

Lock Mining

Our Documents

You can find our official whitepaper and aduit below!


Phase 1
  • Official Website Launched & Smart Contract Deployed

  • Social Media Sites (Twitter, Telegram, etc.) Launched

  • First Round of Community Airdrop Begun

  • 10,000 Telegram Group Members

  • Locked Mining Started

  • CoinMarketCap Application Online

  • CoinGecko Application Online

  • Third-Party Audit Online

Phase 2
  • Influencer Marketing Online

  • Second Round of Community Airdrop Begun

  • Third-Party Wallets (Trust Wallet, Token Pocket, etc.) Cooperation Started

  • Partnership with WSB Community Started

  • 50,000 Telegram Group Members

  • 50,000 Token Holders

  • CCDOGE Swap Developed

  • CCDOGE NFT Developed

  • DAO Launched

Phase 3
  • Cross-Chain Aggregation Trading Protocol CCDOGE Swap Launched

  • AMA with WSB Community Launched

  • CCDOGE Swap Liquidity Mining Launched

  • CCDOGE NFT Marketplace Built

  • CCDOGE NFT Series Released

  • YOLO NFT Series Released

  • NFT Mining Launched

  • 200,000 Telegram Group Members

  • 200,000 Token Holders

  • Major CEX Listing

Phase 4
  • NFT Lending Launched

  • Third Round of Community Airdrop Begun

  • Community Meet-up

  • WSB Series NFT Released

  • 500,000 Telegram Group Members

  • 500,000 Token Holders

  • CCDOGE NFT Liquidity Mining Launched

  • Support on Dogecoin, Ethereum and other Public Chain Online

  • The World’s Largest Community of CCDOGE Built